Nature’s Potential is Your Potential


Nature's Potential Is Your Potential

On a trip to Italy, I was inspired. Looking out into the vast beauty of mother nature, I saw potential. There is so much potential energy waiting to be realized.

We are energy, as well as everything around us, right? What many don’t realize about energy, though, is that at a quantum level it doesn’t have a single fate; rather it is a swirling field of possibilities waiting to manifest. Manifestation occurs upon observation.

Just as nature manifests its beauty, we have the power to manifest our desires. The conscious awareness within us is the key. From our consciousness we can manifest through “observation”. Meaning we must think, feel, believe, and see our desires; we must meditate on them. This is observation. 

We can’t do that, however, if we spend too much time in our head, repetitive negative thoughts and daily juggles. We don’t spend enough time within our spirit.

Nature has the power to quiet the mind and connect us with our spiritual side. We must spend time in nature to just be. To be aware, to connect, to express gratitude, and to acknowledge the energy that surrounds us. In nature, in the universe and in your consciousness, lies potential possibilities of energy awaiting your direction in which to manifest!


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