Is Milk Healthy?


Is Milk Healthy?

The mainstream idea is that milk is healthy and very necessary for us. Is it though? Our body stops producing the enzymes to breakdown milk approximately after the age of five and our ability to metabolize milk reduces with age. Of course, we all have different genetic makeup and some people may have more or less of certain enzymes, however– for the most part– the vast majority of people cannot digest milk well. So, if we are constantly ingesting a substance that our body is unable to effectively metabolize, we should expect it to do some damage. Milk is a common allergen and it irritates the digestive tract. Digestive wellness is the foundation of our health and it’s important to consume foods and beverages that sustain it rather than destroy it.

Unfortunately, calcium deficiency is an epidemic and the dairy industry and media continuously boast about milk because of its high calcium content, so it’s natural to conclude that we need to drink more milk. BUT, just because it sounds right, doesn’t mean it is right.

First, if you cannot properly digest milk, you won’t be reaping the benefits of its calcium content anyway; you’ll just end up with an unhappy digestive tract. Second, the pasteurization and homogenization process of dairy actually creates toxic compounds because fat becomes oxidized when exposed to high heat and pressure. None of this sounds very beneficial, right?

Luckily, milk is not the only source of calcium. This mineral is found in a variety of sources, including fruits, veggies, seafood, as well as fortified foods.

Almond milk has an even higher calcium content than milk. It seems more reasonable to consume calcium from more digestible and healthy sources than the other way around.

Interestingly, some of the major reasons contributing to calcium deficiency don’t even have to do with getting enough calcium, rather it has much to do with the body’s pH balance and levels of vitamin D and magnesium—but we’ll save that for another blog post—so, stay tuned!


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