Enzyme Therapy


What is Enzyme Therapy?

Have you ever heard of or experienced “food coma”? This is a term commonly used to describe the feeling of fatigue and sleepiness after eating a meal.

There is a reason why this happens. A portion of the energy produced by the body is used up during digestion. When you are not digesting properly, your digestive system becomes distressed and more energy is used, leaving you and the rest of your body’s systems without. And this is pretty much–put in the simplest way– how poor health develops. There is a ripple affect that occurs starting from the digestive system throughout the entire body.

Poor digestion equals poor health. 

If you experience “food coma” it is a clear indication that you are not digesting properly. Now, if you happen to not experience this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in the clear.

Acne, eczema, dull skin complexion, hormonal imbalances, weight problems, excess belly fat, dull thinning hair, bags or darkness around the eyes, puffiness in the face, gas, bloating, headaches, allergies, food sensitivities, constipation, depression, anxiety, general fatigue, repetitive negative thoughts, and the list goes on– ALL stem from the gut!!!

If we want to get RESULTS in improving our beauty/appearance as well as our health and overall well-being, we need to heal the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM! It’s really that simple. Click here to learn more about digestive wellness.

Enzyme therapy combines the right nutrition and the use of enzyme supplements to heal the digestive system and maximize health.

Enzymes are the sustenance of life. These protein molecules are made in the body to perform as biological catalysts. In other words, every single chemical reaction and physiological process that occurs in the body is done through enzymatic activity. Without them we cease to exist.

Enzymes are particularly important for digestive health. They break down the food we eat (carbs, proteins, fats), help absorb and transport nutrients, convert food to energy, and eliminate waste. In fact, if we have enough of the right enzymes, we can extract more nutrition from the foods we eat—ultimately, increasing vitamin and mineral availability in the body.

But, if enzymes are made in our body, why take enzyme supplements?

Unfortunately, the amount of enzymes that our body will generate in a lifetime is limited. With the lifestyle we live today, we are using up more enzymes, more quickly. This is due to many factors, including high stress, aging, poor diet, air pollution, etc.

Additionally, while food is also a source of enzymes, most diets today are depleted of them. Food processing, chemicals and pesticides in produce, and cooking/heating food, destroy enzymes. Lack of enzymes will leave us with poor digestion, absorption, detoxification, and elimination—all of which lead to disease and illness.

So what’s the solution? Enzyme Therapy.

The digestive system is the MOST important physical aspect of our health. Enzymes are a critical component of digestive function. While working to help alleviate digestive stress and promote efficiency, enzymes also work systemically. This means that they travel beyond the digestive system to perform additional functions such as, assisting the liver in proper detoxification, removal of waste from cells, cleansing the blood, breaking down proteins that cause inflammation, etc.

The digestive system is connected to all organs and systems in the body and it is the origin of where poor health develops. Enzymes allow the digestive system to work better, not harder. By relieving digestive stress, you relieve stress in ALL of the body’s systems. This results in more energy and vitality, a stronger immune system and a balanced biological environment– resulting in a happier and healthier you!

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Transform your digestive system and you transform your health and beauty!

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