Digestive Wellness


Digestive Wellness

The digestive tract is the connection between our environment and us. We ingest food from the earth into our bodies and we can use this relationship to either thrive or jeopardize.

The digestive system is the most important physical aspect of our health! This is the point of entry where human interference disrupts biological balance and the natural state of wellbeing. Thus, the digestive system is where poor health, disease and illness stem from.

It becomes really overwhelming when we focus on so many different aspects of our body. Health is a huge trend and a major topic in media. People are continuously bombarded with health and wellness information left and right; not to mention all of the contradictions. However, it’s actually pretty simple. Focus on your digestive system, because that’s the root of it all.

Even Hippocrates said it over 2,000 years ago: “All disease begins in the gut.”

If we want health, wellness and to look our best, we must focus on digestive wellbeing. What begins in the gut circulates throughout the body into all systems including the brain. Consequently, mental and emotional health are also rooted in the gut! That’s right, your happiness depends on it too. In fact, there is an intricate system of nerves that directly connect the digestive system to the brain. For this reason, even neurological disorders such as autism have been significantly improved by restoring digestive health.

MOST medical or nutritional problems that people seek professional help for can be resolved simply through digestive healing.

So, forget about your acne, or cellulite, or fat, how many pounds you need to lose or whatever else and just focus on your GUT; the rest will follow! That’s it! Here lies the solution to getting the results that you want, in beauty and in health.

When people come to me for nutrition consultations, I always focus on their digestive system (using enzyme therapy). Whether it’s migraines, allergies, eczema or other skin complications, yeast infections/UTI’s, hair loss, weight problems, etc.; I don’t care. I mean I care, of course, but my focus will be on the gut regardless. And, guess what? Ninety-nine percent of the time the issues resolve by restoring the digestive system back to health.

Let’s not forget that about 70% of the immune system revolves around the digestive organs. In efforts to keep our immune defense strong and able to fight against ALL disease, we must maintain gut health and balance.

Even the endocrine system (which produces and regulates hormones) is highly dependent on digestive health. Hormones are critical to the internal balance of the body’s systems–affecting weight, skin, hair, mood, and pretty much everything! Although seemingly unrelated, hormonal balance is influenced by gut bacteria and digestive health. Thyroid issues, for example, have become very common and many people are taking medication. Yet, if we don’t treat the root cause of the problem, the gut–which can be treated naturally– the problem will always remain.

The human organism functions in beautiful harmony with miraculous healing capabilities. All we must do is cooperate with our biology. When the digestive system is in balanced good health, the rest of the body will function as nature intended it to.

Heal your gut and you heal your health! Achieve everything from beautiful glowing skin, a healthy figure, and full shiny hair, to energy, vitality, and wellness!

I will continue to discuss the topic of digestive wellness throughout my blog.

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