9 Simplest Tips For Weight Loss


9 Simplest Tips For Weight Loss

I always say that I believe in simplicity.

Being overwhelmed and intimidated by what it takes to reach our goals is counterproductive. We are all much more likely to fulfill our desires when things are simplified and we feel they’re doable.

Below I’ve listed 9 simple tips that you can start doing today to help you get closer to your weight loss goals!

  1. Drink half a lemon squeezed in a glass of warm water (or use a capful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water) every morning upon rising (before you eat) to jumpstart your metabolism and prep your digestive system for the day.
  2. Hydration matters! Drinking adequate water everyday (about 2L) will help to flush the kidneys and remove burden on the liver, thus, allowing for optimal fat burning capacity. Make sure to measure it so that you know you’re drinking enough.
  3. Drink a glass of water before each meal to help fill your stomach a little before you eat.
  4. Eat whenever you feel hungry, as many times in a day that you need, but eat small portions and ALWAYS stop eating when you start to feel full. Just by simply taking 2 less bites of food at each meal, you reduce your caloric intake by about 100 calories a day and that sums up to 10 pounds of weight a year! So, if you did nothing else, you could literally lose 10 pounds a year just by not eating those last two bites at every meal.
  5. Have a snack 20-30 minutes before each meal. For example, eat a few almonds or one of my scrumptious Rescue Balls (stay tuned for the recipe). This will help with craving control and prevent overeating.
  6. Satisfy sweet cravings with light & healthy alternatives. For example, have a small bowl of homemade strawberry banana ice cream or a few banana slices with cacao nibs.
  7. Don’t skip breakfast. I can’t stress this enough. If you’re too busy to make breakfast, you can at least mix a scoop of plant protein powder with water and have a side of fruit.
  8. You don’t always have to eat meat with your meals. Go three days per week meat free. In those three days, switch animal proteins for plant proteins. Rich plant protein sources: quinoa, broccoli, lentils, beans, chia seeds, peas, etc.
  9. Take digestive enzymes. Enzymes breakdown the foods we eat (carbs, proteins, and fats), help absorb the nutrients, and eliminate the waste.

Simple enough, right? Good luck on your weight loss journey!


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A qualified Nutritionist who believes in simplicity and that wellness can be achieved with ease & grace.

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