6 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Miso


6 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Miso

Most of us came to learn about miso from the surge in popularity of Japanese food and miso soup. Personally, I’m obsessed with it. But, there’s more to miso than meets the eye.

First, miso is not just a soup, it’s a nutritious paste made from soybeans and used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Even better, it has healing properties that have been recognized by these cultures for centuries. I love knowing that I’m eating a healing and nourishing food, especially when it’s delicious!

6 Benefits of Miso:

  1. Contains all essential amino acids, meaning it’s a complete protein.
  2. Aids digestion
  3. Restores beneficial probiotics in the body
  4. Good source of B vitamins (which most people could use more of in their diet)
  5. Great antioxidant properties
  6. Improves quality of blood and lymph (this is very important!)

So, add this awesome ingredient to your kitchen cupboard and reap its nutritious benefits.

I will post some recipes using miso paste soon!


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