For optimal health there are 4 basic rules to follow.

In order for us to be able to connect with our body and allow its wisdom to guide us, we must first fulfill its essential basic needs and avoid the things that throw it out of balance. In doing so, we will be further in tune with ourselves and we will reap all of the benefits our inner wisdom has to offer. Below are the four basic rules to health and wellness:

1.    Sleep… on time.

Sleep is important for so many obvious reasons, not to mention, lack of sleep can actually shorten life expectancy. One reason we typically don’t hear about, though, is the fact that our liver starts its detoxification processes during the hours of 11pm to 3am, when our bodies are supposed to be at rest. If we are not at rest, this process is disrupted and unable to perform optimally. The liver is one of the hardest working organs in our body with hundreds of jobs to execute, so when it’s time for its midnight duties to detoxify while you are at rest, well, do it a favor and go to sleep.

We need to allow our organs to replenish at night and sleeping on time will allow them to do so. Otherwise, our immune system, energy, and vitality will be compromised.

2.    Eat… on time.

If you want to control food cravings, maintain energy throughout the day, appease your organs, sustain your IQ, avoid irritability, and keep a steady blood sugar, you must eat on time for every meal. The main key here is the homeostasis of blood glucose; this is what keeps the other five mentioned functions in check.

When we don’t eat on time, particularly breakfast, our blood sugar crashes below normal ranges and that can cause intense high calorie, simple carbohydrates, or sugar cravings for the rest of the day. Additionally, it can cause us to overeat. Excessive night time eating can also be influenced by this dip in blood glucose levels. To make matters worse, the continuation of this cycle over time can lead to exhausted adrenal glands; and that has an array of health problems of its own.

Did you know that low blood sugar can actually cause a drop in your IQ and, also, make you irritable? Yep, it’s true. Stay smart, calm and collected; eat on time!

3.   Don’t eat too much… at one time.

In certain eastern cultures they equate eating too much food with cancer and disease. Over consumption, especially in one sitting, is extremely stressful to the digestive system. And considering the digestive system is the root to our health and wellness, it’s important to take good care of it and refrain from exhausting it. Studies have shown that eating smaller portions can increase lifespan and lower risk of developing illnesses.

4.    Exercise!

Some experts say that exercise is even more important than what we eat. To a certain extent there is a valid point here. Exercise actually facilitates our digestion processes in addition to detoxifying, not only the liver, but other organs as well. It helps us release toxins through our breath and sweat, while providing us with the blood circulation we need. Exercise also assists in balancing hormones, especially for women. And we all know the heart greatly benefits too. Without regular exercise, even if we ate really healthy, our body would not function at its best and certain organ and digestive processes would not receive the proper energy flow they need to carry out their duties. Wellness and health is not complete without exercise.


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